We can show how certain we are about the future by using modal verbs and other expressions. Gloria Hallelujah There's a chance that she'll be back at work tomorrow.There's a chance that he might come and visit us next week. 10 Read the explanation to learn more. Robots definitely won't replace all human jobs. I don't think we'll have petrol-based cars in the future. He hasn't studied much, so he might not pass the exam. Indie Flower People won’t drive normal cars, there will be special flying cars. The Giving a Hoot about Hairby Tirzah TylerWhile taking notes in science class, Peter’s mind began to wander as Mr. Scranton taught the lesson about owls. Here is a free making predictions game to use in class. However, we don't usually use could not to talk about the future. Mountains of Christmas 40 Lobster Two    Size: Crafty Girls Shadows Into Light Two Cherry Cream Soda She's likely to say yes if you ask nicely. By ozlem. The government's likely to call an election soon. Exo 2 What do you expect mobile phones will be like in ten years' time? Students are given a short text followed by questions asking them to predict what will happen next. Grand Hotel I think the future will be very different. Gurmukhi LearnEnglish Subscription: self-access courses for professionals. Do you know how to use phrases like will definitely, be likely to and probably won't to say how sure you are about future events? 60 Rancho Yes, that sentence would be a good way to ask someone to confirm that they will be busy the next day, though I would recommend using 'won't you' instead of 'shan't you' as a question tag. Baloo Paaji Unkempt Grammar explanation. True or False. Grammar B1-B2: The future – degrees of certainty: 1. She's certain to get that job! The aim of the game is to make the most accurate predictions. Gochi Hand Divide the students into pairs and give each student a copy of the worksheet. Modal verbs and adverbs. Satisfy 36 Check my answers VT323 Just Me Again Down Here Fredoka One 70 Children won’t go to school, they’ll have a robot teacher who teaches them at home. Yanone Kaffeesatz Freckle Face Boogaloo Look at the top of your web browser. Making predictions is a basic reading skill that requires higher level thinking. Bubblegum Sans People will definitely work from home more in the future. We can also use other expressions such as be bound to and be likely to, or verbs such as think and doubt. 'shan't you' is very, very formal and would sound strange in most situations. 24 20 Vince Thunder waved to the crowd one more time before he put on his motorcycle helmet. Close. Explain your answer using textual evidence. He probably won't have enough time. Amatic SC Kirk replied on 5 May, 2020 - 16:22 Spain. (2) She probably won't come to the party. Bangers Covered By Your Grace In the game, students make predictions a partner's future using the future simple form will and won't. Try this exercise to test your grammar. If you see a message asking for permission to access the microphone, please allow. She thinks he'll be able to help. 14 32 Thanks in advance. When you are not sure, we can also use may, could and may not. Annie Use Your Telescope Oswald If you use evidence to support your predication, you can justify it whether you are right or wrong. You can read more about it here: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/adverbs-and-adverb-phrases-position, Working hard 2020 replied on 26 August, 2020 - 11:51 Brazil, OlaIELTS replied on 29 May, 2020 - 06:48 Nigeria, strevochka replied on 5 May, 2020 - 13:14 United Kingdom. Determine what event is likely to occur next. :) English Exercises > future tense exercises. 13 You are correct that the adverb usually comes before the main verb: He clearly seemed the smartest person in class. Kalam Look at these examples to see how we can express different degrees of certainty about the future. Coming Soon Ribeye Marrow I'm sure that you'll do well in the interview.Are you sure that you won't be available? ID: 1389929 Language: English School subject: Reading Grade/level: 3 Age: 6-8 Main content: Making Predictions Other contents: Classifying Add to my workbooks (1) Download file pdf Embed in my website or blog Add to Google Classroom You won't regret it. Are the following sentences correct? Sacramento I doubt they'll have any trouble finding the address. Orbitron Chewy I think we might see more of these problems in the next few years. We'll probably finish the project by tomorrow. Dancing Script Do this exercise to test your grammar again. To make a good prediction, readers must consider available information and make an inference. What do you want to do? I'm not sure that I'll be able to finish this pizza! It's correct? 18 Fredericka the Great Pinyon Script 22 I might go to the party, but I'm not sure yet. Architects Daughter Special Elite Email my answers to my teacher, Font: Ali's unlikely to be invited to the party.There's a good chance that it'll snow this week.There's not much chance that I'll finish this essay tonight. I'll definitely be at the meeting, don't worry. Peter stopped taking notes and began to doodle an owl on the corner of his crumpled notebook paper. Luckiest Guy Good readers make predictions based on textual evidence. ‘Will’ for future predictions 1. Pernament Marker Jolly Lodger 9 80 It is a complex issues, however. These are basic exercises aimed at encouraging students to read actively, thinking about the text while they read. Read and circle True or False. Grammar B1-B2: The future – degrees of certainty: 1. Rock Salt Schoolbell It probably won't rain later according to the weather forecast. Prediction practice worksheets. ICP#: 10044692, LearnEnglish Subscription: self-access courses, English Online: 100% online teacher-led course, EnglishScore Tutors: personal online English tutors. We can use modal verbs (such as will, might, may or could) and adverbs (such as probably and definitely) to show how sure we are. Free printable language arts worksheets from K5 Learning; no registration required. (Here I applied the rule that adverbs of certainty must come before the main verb) Open Sans Henny Penny Neucha Peter M. replied on 26 August, 2020 - 08:22 Poland. He's bound to feel nervous before his driving test. The crowd cheered uproariously. The United Kingdom's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Making Predictions Worksheet 1 Directions: Read the following passages. He's certain that he'll get here on time.There's no chance that we'll ever win the lottery.There's no way that my boss will give me the day off.
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