Barney? The other town residents also have guns and, one fateful night, Marge finds Mr. Burns shot. Otto Mann wants a double guitar. Was this review helpful to you? Adding insult to injury, he refers to Homer using various dehumanizing epithets, even when Homer is present, in place of his actual identity. (Part One)" is the twenty-fifth and final episode of Season 6 and the first part of the two-parter "Who Shot Mr. View production, box office, & company info. Show Runner From River's Edge to "Cyberpunk 2077" take a look back at the career of Keanu Reeves. Mr. Burns showing Smithers his plan of blocking the sun. Mr. Burns then shows up, and Bart charges at him in rage. . Smithers? Who Shot Mr. Burns? Lunchlady Doris - she lost her potential canteen staff. Who shot Mr Burns on the classic TV episode Who Shot Mr Burns NYT Crossword Clue Answers are listed below and every time we find a new solution for this clue we add it on the answers list. ranked 25th in Entertainment Weekly's Top 25 Simpsons episodes' list, in 2003. no one guessed the correct answer. And of course... any other person who had connections to the suspects and wanted to gain revenge on their behalf... Burns recognizes his shooter. Even as he leaves, Krusty returns from Reno, although he quickly leaves when he sees the townspeople glaring angrily (having missed out on Mr. Burns' vile behaviour). I will do the next best thing: block it out.” Mr. Burns "Who Shot Mr. Burns? After thanking Superdude, Skinner tosses the gerbil off the roof. This is not to say that the plots still aren't imaginative and large, just that they mostly stay within the town and family, rather than, for example, blasting characters into space. Click the answer to find similar crossword clues. Smithers is later seen in the opposite direction that Burns heads. This implies that the shooter has very little strength. Moe? Mr. Burns staggers out into the open, clutching at a gunshot wound to his chest and, completely ignoring an unhelpful Jimbo, collapses onto the town's sundial. (Part Two). After that fails, he organises a "slant drilling" operation to tap the well before the school can, thereby stealing the oil. The wily old miser has taken to carrying around a gun with him. Dr. Hibbert? Homer? "This is not a clue...or is it?" The camera zooms out to show that he is pointing to Chief Wiggum, who says that yes, he will give it a shot, since it is his job. Bart Simpson - his dog's legs were broken. TV URBAN LEGEND: In The Simpsons contest "Who Shot Mr. Who did it? As Burns relishes in everyone's misery, the residents leave the town hall. He dryly points out that Mr Burns has crushed all his enemies - even though none of those people posed a threat to him. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the Who shot Mr. Burns on the classic TV episode Who Shot Mr. Burns? Also, the shooting was a 3:00 PM, and when Burns' collapses on the sundial after getting shot, his arms - which, if you look at the sundial at a certain angle, resembles clock hands at 3:00 PM - land on the W and the S, hinting at the shooter's possible initials; W.S. Burns?". Directed By The voice work continues to be good but it is the writing that gives them such great dialogue to deliver.Another very strong season of The Simpsons with consistently good episodes that are clever and funny. Grandpa? Additionally, when Burns collapses, his holster is shown to be empty, indicating that he had been shot with his own gun. Production Code The alcoholic Barney Gumble has now lost his best beer supply, and after having to leave, he pulls out a derringer. For the second part of this episode, see Who Shot Mr. Burns? Smithers? At the beginning of the normal ordinary school week, Principal Skinner opens up the school to find that Superdude, the fourth grade gerbil, has died, being crushed by his own water-bottle. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? After a long period of silence, Dr. Hibbert asks "Well I couldn't possibly solve this mystery. The content of the show remains wonderfully subversive and directed towards adults – and not in a sly way, but in a very direct with. Homer later breaks into Burn's office and spray paints "I AM HOMER SIMPSON" on the wall; when Burns catches him in the act and demands "Who the devil are you? Skinner's gun has a suppressor in it, yet a gunshot is heard clearly. This rules out Homer, as throughout the episode, Burns cannot remember his name. Where the fifth season had quite a few exaggerated plots, this sixth season mostly stays close to home with the episodes and generally focuses on the characters rather than extreme adventures.
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